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Florida judge resigns from vote-counting board

Corruption in Florida: Judge resigns from vote-counting board following report on Trump donations


A Florida judge has resigned from a vote-counting board following a report that he donated multiple times to President Trump's campaign. Judge Brent Shore stepped down from his position as Duval County canvassing board chair Thursday, The Florida Times-Union reported.

Shore was reportedly an alternate for County Judge Gary Flower, the chair of the group who has been absent this week.

Shore did not resign from his duties as county judge.

Chief Judge Mark Mahon expressed confidence in Shore despite his resignation from the board, saying he "indicated he has always conducted himself fairly and impartially."

Fellow board member Michael Boylan had said Shore should resign due to the Times-Union reporting he donated to Trump's campaign a dozen times.

"It was made very clear to us in taking on the role and responsibility of the canvassing board we should avoid any appearance or actual support for any individual," Boylan said Thursday.

"Judge Shore, I think, whatever steps the administrative judge takes, to recuse himself from the process is totally appropriate for the credibility of the process," he added.

Judicial ethics rules prohibit judges from making any campaign donations.

Since Shore was previously a canvassing campaign member, ethics rules also prohibit him from displaying campaign sings, though Times-Union reported he has six Trump signs and two for Rep. John Rutherford (R) on his lawn.

The judge's wife, Kathryn Petway Shore, told the Times-Union the signs belonged to her, but judicial rules say spouses are prohibited from displaying signs in yards where judges reside. She also told reporters who approached her door that her husband had not made any political donations.

Shore's presence on the board drew criticism from some over his refusal to lift a ban on media photographing and videotaping the board's proceedings as it corrects ballots.

Despite Shore's absence, the board has not reversed the policy prohibiting filming.

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